3 ways to….

…beat the blank sheet of paper

1. Remember what your English teacher may have told you: re-write the question as your introduction. Re-write the brief and you may find that the rest will come. It also gets you writing and something – anything! – down onto paper. Once you’ve broken the grasp of the blank page and see some text the task does not seem so daunting.


2. Outline what you’re going to write – even if you don’t know the details yet. Be as broad – or as vague – as you like, but write something! What could the structure be? What are the objectives you need to meet and how could you meet them? Ask some questions. And away you go!


3. Doodle a roadmap. Research has shown the benefits of doodling and if you can combine this with a more structured mindmap of thoughts, ideas, questions, objectives or themes then all the better. Because doodling gives the brain something else to do that’s sometimes when the creative spark catches.


And if all else fails, leave it well alone and have a cup of tea. I find some chocolate always helps too. Sometimes time away from that pesky piece of paper is all it takes! Anna Goswell

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