Workshop bonanza!

wordstock-2016By Alastair Creamer, Wordstock curator

Question: Who are you?

No, really – who are you? Digitally I mean. What is your digital identity? If you don’t know, then I suggest you come along to Wordstock on Saturday 15 October. Sarah Gillett is running one of six workshops that you can attend and she’s helping you to address that precise question.

But if you have that covered, Martin Clarkson and Melanie Cochran could lead you through the secrets of storytelling for business – surely a must. Andy Milligan covers off the hottest topic around – purpose. So many brands and businesses have a purpose or are on the search for one. Are you up to speed on this?

And then there’s Simon Prichard on how country music can inspire business writing (can you afford to miss that?). Matthew Collins will work with a select number on how to free your voice.

If that hasn’t whetted your appetite, then Nick Parker is your man. His workshop is about embracing the simply absurd in writing. Or perhaps the absurdly simple. Either way, to look at your writing through completely different lenses.

Here’s the challenge. Which three do you sign up for?

The workshops are grouped in pairs throughout the day and frame a perfect storm of headline speakers – Victoria Hislop, Vesna Goldsworthy and an Oral History panel led by Alan Dein and Graham Smith.

This year we’re making sure that current 26 Projects are given their rightful spotlight. At the Free Word Centre, there is an exhibition of 26 Lies and we’ll be talking about 26 Steps, 26 Postcodes and 26 Twits by celebrating some of the wonderful writing that has made these projects so successful and such a pleasure to read.

A ticket for the day (which includes a free programme and lunch) is £91.Treat yourself. To tempt you further there is a special offer. Because 26 is about nurturing emerging writing talent, if you were to buy your ticket for £91, we’ll give you a second ticket for £26 to enable you to invite along a young writer to experience Wordstock. You can’t say fairer than that.

Click on to buy one of the last tickets plus a special ticket for a new young writer.  Enter the promotional code ‘Emerging’ at checkout to claim your discount.

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