Wordstock 2016

wordstock2016Wordstock 2016. Put the date in your diaries: Saturday 15th October, starting at 9.30. As in the previous five years, it will be at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon. We couldn’t see the point of an expensive day-out at a seaside location, as seems to be the alternative.

We’ve looked hard at your comments on last year’s Wordstock to see where we can improve. The overwhelming response was positive but we always aim to make it a day that is more inspirational, more useful and better value year upon year. That’s our aim and we’re currently contacting a whole range of possible speakers and workshop leaders. Let us know if you have suggestions or if you want to help in any way.

Wordstock is about every kind of writing; it’s about celebrating the joy of words. It’s for copywriters and business writers but we also believe that writers become better if they experience the widest possible range of writing. So, as Rishi Dastidar showed last year, copywriters can learn from poetry. As John York showed, business writers can learn from film and TV scriptwriters. We’ll provide a mix every bit as eclectic this year. But more of that next month….

For now reserve the date and remind yourself of what Wordstock is like here

John Simmons

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