Will you write the story of your life?

LaneHere’s the chance to give yourself proper time and space to write. Author and 26er Elise Valmorbida, alongside author Aamer Hussein, is leading a residential creative writing week at Arvon this autumn (28th September–3rd October). The week will be devoted to life writing, fiction or non-fiction, an exploration of literal and metaphorical migrations, with plenty of walking and talking in between. Here’s a review of the experience last year: “The morning writing workshops expanded my mind. Exercises were written and shared. Tension replaced by rising excitement, humour and a supportive buzz around the table. I was nervous again before each of my tutorials, ridiculous really given the total positivity and charm of the tutors. They listened and read my proffered work. They gave their views, wise advice and insightful suggestions. They were calm and positive, without ego, I love them. And best of all they liked my work. Yes, there is more to do, but I was right to come. My confidence soared. I could feel it shouting inside me, I still can.”


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