Training: Next Steps

trainingHello 26ers!

Let me introduce you to our new training team. We are Heather Atchison, Ezri Carlebach, Fiona Thompson and Elise Valmorbida (that’s me). At the centre of the 26 training universe, there is Rachel Marshall, our training coordinator.

With thanks to you for your suggestions and requests, we’ve brainstormed the kind of training 26 could offer and how. Our priorities: usefulness, desirability and affordability. We’ll be putting our proposals forward at the next board meeting (in April) but here’s a sneak preview of our thinking so far…

WHEN: 2-3 hours workshop, on a weekday, here and there throughout the year

WHERE: probably London for now (cos of numbers and transport)

HOW MANY: up to 16 participants per workshop

WHAT: stuff like how to manage clients, all things digital, metaphor, grammar and style, legal matters, negotiation and persuasion…

COST: as low as possible

FREE: if you have access to a free-of-charge venue, please say! Lower costs for 26 = lower course fees for all. And we are, as you know, a not-for-profit organisation.

IDEAS? If you have more ideas for training content, or lovely cost-free venues, please email Rachel.


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