39-stepsOctober 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of John Buchan’s famous novel, ‘The 39 Steps’. In the book, the action moves from London to Dumfries & Galloway and then back to Kent. In later film versions, the Forth Rail Bridge also features. The hero of the novel, Richard Hannay, travels through the landscape to avoid his captors.

The novel is a stepping off point for a new @26Characters project around the theme of walking in the landscape; we want to capture the essence of walking in different landscapes.

#The26Steps has identified 26 walks around the UK. Each participant will be required to visit the location they are matched with. They will undertake the walk, creating a simple log of time/observations/thoughts. They will be asked to complete three tasks:

  1. a) Take a single B&W photograph that sums up the essence of their particular journey; this image will be the front of their walk postcard.
  2. b) Create a hand-drawn black ink sketch map that represents their perception of the journey from A to B including any memorable features marked along the route.
  3. c) Produce a sestude inspired by the landscape seen and heard while undertaking the walk. More information about the project & routes are available here.

This project is now fully subscribed but we’re putting together a waiting list. We’ll be letting members know which routes they have at the end of the month. Please contact Sandy Wilkie at lizardvanilla@gmail.com to register interest.

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