The School of Life

A new D&AD event we think might tickle 26 members’ fancies…

Set up in 2008 by a team including philosopher Alain de Botton, The School of Life runs courses that explore life’s big questions through philosophy and literature, psychology and the visual arts, to exercise and expand the mind.

Handpicked by D&AD’s President, Sanky, to emphasise the importance of life beyond the office, this is a unique opportunity to enrol at The School of Life.

Enlightenment and education is guaranteed as the brilliant line-up of faculty members pique your curiosity and get your brain whirring in four high-impact, 15-minute lessons that explore the School’s core curriculum.

How to spend free time. Living in an automated world, why are we suspicious of free time? Why do we feel the pressure to be relentlessly productive? Curator, educator, writer and artist Cathy Haynes will use ideas explored in the 19th century to inspire you to rethink work and idling for a more creative, fulfilling way of being.

How to be (even) more creative. Robert Rowland Smith, Prize Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, will investigate the creative process from a philosophical perspective – how it actually works and, on a practical level, how to improve your ability to access it, by applying deeper approaches such as those used by Picasso.

How to live with technology. Tom Chatfield, author, essayist and game theorist, will teach you how to stay afloat amid the torrents of information that flood our daily lives. Learn how to be a discerning user who can identify the problems that can and can’t be approached through technology and how and when to switch off.

How to be cool. Central to the seemingly opaque and unattainable quality that is coolness, is the simple notion of taking an appropriate response to every situation. Nick Southgate* will unravel this mysterious virtue and explain how to apply this approach to your own life. *Nick sounds pretty cool. He has a Ph.D. on the metaphysics of personal identity and among other things, writes for The Wire.

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