News from 26 Pairs of Eyes

Stairs-from-first-floor-landingWe’re excited to announce the launch of our 26 Pairs of Eyes website where we’ll be revealing each writer’s ‘story behind the story’, explaining how they came to their 62-word response.

As well as the website, we have the physical exhibition, a booklet for you to take home with you, and a special summer performance. Read on to find out more.


Visit the museum and notice the unnoticed

Our sestudes will be on display next to their objects at The Foundling Museum from 4th June till 6th September. Just look for the yellow display labels throughout the museum, and allow each piece to reveal a previously unseen, unnoticed side to its object.


Take the collection home with you

There’s also a small booklet, which you’ll be able to buy from the museum shop. It features all of our pieces, plus a bit more about the exhibition, and an exclusive extract from the overarching piece written for us by poets Jacob Sam-La Rose and Toni Stuart.


And join us for a special performance

If the exhibition and the booklet aren’t enough, you’ll also be able to hear our writers performing their pieces beside their objects at a special event – 26 Pairs of Eyes: In Performance. The afternoon will culminate in a special reading by Jacob and Toni. We hope you can come along and witness the exhibition coming to life.

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