New Zealand at Kings Place

Spoken word event opens festival on Monday 26 March

Featuring three generations of New Zealand poets:

Fleur Adcock, Bill Manhire and Tusiata Avia with Gary McKeone MC.

As part of a week-long festival of music, poetry and ideas curated by the New Zealand String Quartet, New Worlds: New Perspectives is a spoken word event reporting on New Zealand’s changing understanding of its global position and relationships over the past half century.

It would be brilliant if you are interested in including the event. Tusiata Avia will be in the UK from the 5th March to attend the Stanza Festival in Scotland, and I’m sure we will be able to set up interview if you would like. Also, if you wanted to come and review the event, please let me know and I can arrange tickets.

Please see the following link to YouTube for a short video with the New Zealand String Quartet: Freya William

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