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As part of Wordstock Deconstructed and the launch of our 26 Memory Map project, we’re heading to Bloomsbury Festival in October. Oral historian and award-winning BBC Radio 4 broadcaster Alan Dein is hosting a special event at the festival. John Simmons reports.

Photo by Ham & High

First I was approached by the Bloomsbury Festival to do a talk about my new novel Spanish Crossings. Much of the book is set in Bloomsbury in the 1930s and 1940s, and we soon agreed the talk for the afternoon of 21st October. All 26 members, as well as the general public, are welcome.

Then the conversation turned to 26 – I always move writing conversations that way. “Might 26 be interested in putting on an event at the Bloomsbury Festival?” Of course, I answered. It happened that we were about to launch the 26 Memory Maps project, so I suggested an event linked to this as part of Wordstock Deconstructed. As a host, because this project is all about oral histories and personal storytelling, I proposed the wonderful Alan Dein. Alan had appeared at Wordstock last year and made a great impression, leaving the audience wanting to hear more from him – as well as his BBC Radio 4 shows like Don’t log off.

Anyway, we were all delighted that Alan agreed and now we have a confirmed date for the event: 18th October at Goodenough House in Bloomsbury from 7 till 8.30 in the evening. It will be a fantastic opportunity to see, hear and celebrate the storytelling results of 26 Memory Maps – a great bonus for participants (there are lots of you).

All members of 26 please note the time and place, and look out for details to follow. Find out more about Bloomsbury Festival on their website or twitter @bloomsburyfest.

John Simmons

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