Into the Woods

A writing ramble through Highgate Wood

15 June, 2019 @ 2–5pm

Starting at Highgate tube station, London

Join 26 board members and Dark Angels tutors Neil Baker and John Simmons for this writing ramble through Highgate Wood, London. Well be playing with words in response to the natural environment, especially the trees.

Trees are amazing. They feel things, they help each other out, they communicate in ways we are only just starting to understand. From alder and ash to willow and yew, we can learn so much from the trees around us – but only if we move among them, noticing and listening. As the Zen poet Basho wrote, if you want to learn about the pine, you have to ‘go to the pine.’

Through the #26Trees project 26 is celebrating and exploring the role that trees play in our lives, in partnership with the Woodland Trust. This walking workshop is a practical and creative way to get involved. It’s open to all members – not just those of you who are lucky enough to be part of the #26 Trees project.

You’ll discover some quick and fun ways to boost your creativity, generate new writing, connect with nature, and maybe even find a bit of mindful peace – by engaging with some simple writing tasks devised and led by Neil and John.

Don’t expect a mobile lecture on all things arboreal. Do expect a warm welcome and an afternoon among creative friends. And then it’s off to a café or pub.

We’re charging £10 for this workshop, so we can raise a bit of money to help 26 deliver amazing projects and all that. Its essential that you book in advance, so we know whos coming. Its for 26 members only, but please do bring a curious +1. That could be someone who might enjoy an afternoon of creative mucking about, someone whos interested in 26, or just someone whos, well, curious.

Only 10 spots available – to book yours, click here.

Any questions, email Neil Baker:

– Neil Baker

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