A special offer for 26ers

john-yorkeThose of you that went to Wordstock will need no persuading about the brilliance of John Yorke. If you didn’t, John closed the day with a superb exposition of the art of storytelling. He has been responsible for an absurd quantity of the most successful British TV drama over the past couple of decades, but is also a thinker, teacher and speaker about storytelling in general. One of the things he does is to run courses under the auspices of the Professional Writing Academy. One of those is Telling Stories for Business, which is a five week course starting in January. The normal cost is £1,500 but 26 members are being offered a generous 20% discount, with places being offered on a first come first served basis.


The brief explanation of the course is described thus on PFA’s website:

What business can learn from the movies: storytelling essentials

This course will show you why the great storytellers of film and TV are able to capture a mass audience and keep them coming back for more. It’s about what you can learn from these master dramatists to get better results in your own work.

As you work through the sessions, you will build an awareness of what makes a good story, and develop an ability to articulate those key elements and formulate a structure that resonates deeply with your audience – whether that’s your customers, suppliers or staff.

We’ll start very simply, by asking what essential elements does every story need? Whether you’re telling a story in a movie – or in an ad, a speech or even an email – you’ll be using these same basic building blocks.

Further details and an application form are available here.


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