4th February 26 event – Creativity counts – here’s why

virtuous-circleWe’d bet that every member of 26 values creativity. We need it in our own work, and we love seeing it in the work of others. Most of us enjoy making our living in the ‘creative sector’.

This is a vital subject, right at the heart of 26. So we’re thrilled to announce a special 26 event, based around a just-published book, The Virtuous Circle: Why Creativity and Cultural Education Count.

The book is written by Sir John Sorrell, Paul Roberts and Darren Henley, and all three authors will be talking about why this matters to all our futures. They’ll be setting out the personal, social and commercial advantages of creative and cultural education: To argue for literacy, numeracy and creativity. Because creativity inspires innovation, improves our environment, our products, our businesses, our society and the quality of our lives.

The three authors are on a mission to make their case and influence people. And they have great credentials to do so. Sir John Sorrell is a revered figure in the creative industries, having led Newell and Sorrell, the Design Council, CABE, the University of the Arts London, the Sorrell Foundation and the London Design Festival. Paul Roberts is an educational expert who advised the last government, while Darren Henley has written reports on cultural education for the current government – at the same time running Classic FM.

We’re privileged to have these three distinguished speakers for what will be an enlightening and important evening. You won’t want to miss it so make sure you get your ticket here.

The event will be at the October Gallery in Bloomsbury, one of 26’s favourite venues. We’ll gather from 6 for a 6.30 start, aiming to finish at about 8. So there’ll be plenty of time for questions. Hang around to carry on the debate over a drink or two at a nearby pub afterwards if you can. Admission will be by ticket only, and tickets will cost £10 for 26 members and guests, £15 otherwise.

John Simmons

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