26 Writing Awards

Trophyicon_1198A writer’s life can now be an awarding one

26 is here to champion the cause of writing in work and in life, and it seemed to us that we should recognise this through our own awards. These being 26 awards, they’ll be focused entirely on writing and will be quite different from other awards. Our objective will be to draw attention to great writing, to nurture talent, to boost the standing of writing in those business worlds where most 26 members operate.

It needs to be said that we are not setting up these awards to make money from them, so that will be another important difference from other award schemes for the creative sector. There will be no entry fees charged, it will be free to enter, but there will still be small prizes as marks of recognition (to look beautiful in your custom-built trophy cabinets).

As it’s our first year, and as we’re testing the waters, we aim to keep the awards to just two categories – we can expand in future years if these awards prove useful to members. We’ll announce the first winners of these two awards at Wordstock 2016 on 15th October, presenting the winners with a beautiful trophy and the top three in each category with certificates. The winners will also get free 26 membership for a year. If the winner is part of an agency or company, no doubt a fair share of kudos will go there too – so think on, agencies and companies, who will you nominate?

The first award will be:

This award is for someone who began commercial writing in the last five years. Their work is brilliant. The writer can be young, a newbie or a mid-career switcher. There’s no age limit. And they don’t have to be a 26er.

TO ENTER: You can recommend yourself or someone else…

  • write the reasons for your nomination in <260 words
  • provide proof – a link or sample of the work
  • declare your relationship to this person (if any)


Judges will be a panel of 26 board members (board members are not eligible for the award).

The second award will be:

This award is for writing done for a 26 project in the year 1 June 2015 till 31 May 2016.

TO ENTER: All qualifying work will be judged from each 26 project website. No action needs to be taken to enter.


JUDGES: the 26 board (board members are not eligible for this award).

So we need your help – we ask for nominations for the first ‘Emerging writer’ award. This could be someone you know, or whose work you have seen and admired. It can be an individual who works as a freelancer or as part of an organisation, starting to make their way as a commercial writer within the last five years. We want to keep the nominating process as simple as possible, and as fair and open as possible, so we ask you to think hard and make nominations within the word limit stated.

We need nominations for the ‘Emerging writer’ by 4th September 2016. These should be sent by email to admin@26.org.uk. If you can, please enter before the deadline. Or let us know when you’re likely to enter. If you have any questions on the awards, please contact board members John Simmons and Elise Valmorbida.


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