26 Words – can we keep the tour going?

26 Words arrives at the Ruskin Gallery at the Cambridge School of Art from 27 November until 17 January. Please pop by if you’re in the area – it’s well worth it.

This is the latest stop on its 14 month journey, which officially makes it our longest running project. So, we’d like to extend a big 26 thank you to Annet Stirling and Mark Noad of Letter Exchange for making this tour happen, and taking our words and their art from London, to Bruges to Snape, and more.

After Cambridge, the tour will come to end unless we find more venues. Can you help? We’d love to see how far it can go – Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and beyond – if there’s a gallery or space near you that needs a cracking good exhibition then let us know.

Sarah Farley

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