26 Twits

26-twits26 will be joining in the centenary celebrations of Roald Dahl’s life (13th September 2016) with a project that combines his wicked way with words, his extraordinary cast of characters and his constant illustrations’ companion, Quentin Blake.

26 Twits will pair 26 writers with a Roald Dahl children’s character; from the starring roles to the unsung heroes. Each writer will work with 100 words, including a word of their own creation and definition, as Dahl loved doing. We will also be asking each writer to find their very own Quentin Blake in a child illustrator.

We’re also hoping to link with schools and community groups, when possible to inspire children with Roald Dahl’s words. We already have a logo, designed by my daughter, Rosie Paynter (nine) who is very excited about her first design commission and will be illustrating my piece about George in George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have 26 writers paired with characters from Bruce Bogtrotter to Violet Beauregarde and the Roly-Poly bird. We have a brief and a deadline. And soon we’ll have a website. More news next month.

Elen Lewis

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