26 Postcodes shout-out

postcodePack your notebook and your writing pen, and come with 26 on a journey into the imagination this summer. We’re recruiting for our next project, 26 Postcodes.

Our plan is to pair 26 writing volunteers with 26 carefully selected postcodes. We’ll then ask you to “visit” the area covered by that postcode and write a 62-word sestude in response.

We’ve put the word “visit” inside inverted commas because your journey might be a real excursion, or it might equally be a pure flight of fancy. Some of our chosen postcodes are quite easy to reach. But others are inaccessible to the public or only exist in fiction.

They are all guaranteed to fire your creativity – from HA9 OWS, postcode of the old, demolished Wembley stadium, to LA22 9SH, the location of Dove Cottage, the Lake District home of William and Dorothy Wordsworth.

Think of it as the imaginative mini-break that your inner writer deserves.


What we need

Tell us that you want to be involved in this project by July 10 – or better still, tell us now! If your name gets pulled from the virtual hat, we’ll need you to write your sestude and a short “story-behind-the-sestude” about your creative process. This is to use on blogs, Facebook etc. The deadline for your sestude would be August 7.


The end result

We will be launching the finished work at Wordstock on October 17. We think that’s rather fitting, as the idea for this project was suggested at last year’s Wordstock. There might be an exhibition, or a small book of sestudes – we’re still working on the details.


How to get involved

Email project leader Meg Carter on meg@megcarter.com by July 10 to tell us you want to take part.

Meg needs your name, contact details (address, email and phone number) and any social media details (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Please also tell us – briefly – what kind of writer you are, why this project appeals to you and whether you’ve been involved with any previous 26 projects. There are no right answers, we just want to make sure we include a spread of writing talent.

Remember, you don’t have to visit your postcode. We’d encourage you to do that if you can, but we can’t pay any expenses – sorry.

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