26 needs you

Do you love words? Are you social media savvy? Could you help tell the world about 26 Characters?

We’re looking for volunteers to join our social media team, to spread the word about our events and projects and generally celebrate all things wordy on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It’s not an overly demanding job as we take it in turns to post daily updates on a monthly basis. It is a great opportunity to support 26 and get a new perspective on writing for social media.

Here’s what two of our social superstars say about their experience:

“I love words. And telling other people about them. Being a social media volunteer gives me a reason to shout about writing to an audience who also appreciate the beauty and brilliance of a single word, a well-crafted sentence, or a seemingly magical combination of letters.” Francesca Baker

“It’s a chance to support 26, add to my familiarity with social media and, frankly, it’s another current activity to put on my resume.

I will add that I enjoy engaging as a different persona from my personal accounts. Taking on the 26 voice is different enough that I’ve actually gained new perspective on my own presence in social media.” Doug Howatt

To find out more about volunteering please email michelle.nicol@gmail.com




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