26 Gifters Gifting

stockingsDuck the muzak-pipers piping! Avoid the ho-ho-horrors of the high street! Come to the 26 virtual shop, where you can be calmly inspired, and inspiring, this Christmas!

If you’re feeling stocking-filler-ish, go fill that thing with a mini booklety thing, cuter than a toy baby reindeer with big moist eyes. Choose Crossings, Words, Characters, Foundlings… or go full-throttle hallelujah when you touch the Book of Because.

If you’re feeling bookish, good tidings can be found in our hardcover editions – 26 Malts, 26 Letters – and the timeless anthologies Common Ground, From Here to Here and The Bard & Co. Proper books. Great ideas. No stuffing about.

If you’re feeling that a gift is for life, not just for Christmas, the 26 Gift Voucher makes comfort and joy last all year. Give your loved ones the gift of membership and they won’t know how cheap you are, until the year after, when they joyfully renew for themselves. Yes, membership really is that cheap.

If you’re feeling positively regal, why not bear gifts of precious Trade Secrets from afar? To start the New Year, there’s much wisdom in Accounting for Creatives. That might sound dull for a second, until you realise how exciting it is to pay less tax (more spending money). Revelation happens Tuesday 9th February.

You will find no turkeys here.

Elise Valmorbida

And while we’re thinking about Christmas…

We’ve organised a special deal with the lovely folk at Unbound – £5 off for 26 members who buy 26 Treasures and/or Keeping Mum, the collective Dark Angels novel. Use the promotional code DARKXMAS15 at http://www.unbound.co.uk. It’s valid until Saturday 19th December. Order by 10th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Happy shopping….

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