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I love words. Spoken and written, in English and any other tongue. Even if you cant understand them, words rock; simple letters and phrases amaze me. Take a look at a Sri Lankan signpost, or the Russian alphabet. Listen to Italians talking about walking. From tall tales to love letters, nothing tastes better than a well-filled language sandwich.

Words are the building blocks of ideas and the currency of communication. They articulate our dreams, our memories they truly are the bunch of keys that open the doors to the hidden back rooms of our minds.

Someone said writing’s easy. You just sit down at the typewriter and open a vein.

I started writing for my own satisfaction in the summer of 1978 when my older brother Greg kicked me out of our shared bedroom. With Earth, Wind and Fire blasting from his music centre and a bottle of Kouros on the dressing table, he had new plans for entertaining female guests and the room was no longer big enough for the both of us. So in the confines of the box room at the back of the house, Id alternate between smoking out the window and writing on the walls. And I havent stopped since. Writing that is. Smoking is so last century kids, dont do it!

My big heroes of literature werent the poets or the playwrights they were rock n roll stars; Lennon, for his ability to capture his own thoughts and feelings and articulate them openly; Lou Reed for being tough and vulnerable and New York and art all at the same time; Bowie for his sheer other worldly wordiness and Bob Dylan, for his towering showering, storytelling picture-painting prowess

Ive always been comfortable with the short form, working on hour cabaret theatre shows in my late teens and early twenties, then the one-page stories that I started to develop in the mid nineties, so its no surprise that Ive found my feet working in advertising and branding. If the medium is the message, then, in my case, the message is usually short.

I’m currently far away from home in New York city, writing with Wolff Olins.

To find out even more about me, visit my website www.mikebenson.net
or my spoken word site, www.verysorethroat.co.uk

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Distance markers on a disused railway in East Sussex. The Cuckoo Line.  By Tony Linkson
Distance markers on a disused railway in East Sussex. The Cuckoo Line.  By Tony Linkson
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