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Writer for law firm website needed

Registered: 30/12/1899
Posted on 29/01/2008 at 08:20

Morning Carole,

Hope you're ok. I'm a copywriter based in Cambridge - only round the corner from Taylor Vinters in fact - so I'd be really interested in covering this job if it's still going. I've recently written a brochure for another local law firm, although that's still in production so I've not got a copy right now. They were keen to bring their written communications up to date and avoid the stuffy copy of yesteryear. If you have a look at my website (, there are some examples of my work there but I've yet to add another one that I've just this minute finished which can be viewed at If you'd like to talk it over or pass my details on to someone at Taylor Vinters, I'm more than happy to pop in for a chat. My mobile number is 0781 389 3402. 

All the best for now,

Carole Seawert
Registered: 17/05/2006
Posts: 29
Posted on 25/01/2008 at 17:14

Taylor Vinters, a law firm in Cambridge, had approached me to write their new website but I have just landed two regular writing projects (hooray) and am unable to take on a large assignment.

I have said I will help them find another writer. So, they are looking for someone who knows how to write for the web and who can write benefits-led marketing copy. They also want help to develop a new tone of voice. The work would be pretty much full on between whenever someone is appointed and April. They aren’t sure yet how many pages there will be but I would guess well over a hundred plus biogs.

If anyone is interested – and has the time – can you email me with urls of previous sites you’ve written?

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