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Moving on with International PEN
John Simmons
Registered: 19/10/2006
Posts: 65
Posted on 26/10/2009 at 18:31

International PEN are keen to keep the relationship with 26, and indeed to develop it. So far we've worked with them on the first Free the Word festival (even came up with the name), ran a blog around the festival, did the same this year but based it around 26 Exchanges. 26 Exchanges became bigger and better. We paired a writer from 26 with one from PEN and let some idiosyncratic storytelling develop around the journey. This became an exhibition at the London Design Festival and a book. The book's available for £10.

Next year? We'd like to build on it. If any of you have particular thoughts or would like to volunteer for future involvement, let me know. You can reach me by email at And you can find out more about PEN at

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