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Netherland It surprised me that a story about a Dutchman living in New York who falls in with a group of shady, cricket-loving immigrants could be so gripping. But Netherland by Joseph O’Neill is one of the most original, edgy books I’ve read in ages. Jim Davies         Timbuktu I don’t remember […]

Favourite children’s book vox pop

What is your favourite children’s book? The Possum that Didn’t by Frank Tashlin Frank was a cartoon animator for Warner Brothers, wrote gags for the Marx Brothers, screenplays for Bob Hope, and directed a string of Jerry Lewis movies. This beautifully drawn and gently subversive book is laced with messages about ‘point of view’ and […]

Holiday companion vox pop – August 2011

Which literary character would you most like to go on holiday with? Roger Horberry: Eeyore would be perfect for the Horberry family’s rain-soaked Lake District ordeal Jim Davies: Jeeves would be just the ticket. Between wry quips, he could put a perfect crease in my swimming trunks, do all the necessary grappling with sunbeds, and […]

Holiday reading vox pop – July 2011

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What book are you taking on your summer holidays? Mike Reed I’ll be taking Light, by M John Harrison, which I’m about one third of the way through. I don’t usually read space opera SF, but anything Harrison writes is worth reading. His stories in The Ice Monkey haunt me still, as do scenes from […]

June voxpop

Which defunct brand do you most miss, and why? I seriously miss Woollies… and suspect many do but are too ashamed to say so. FW Woolworth, what a brand. What other brand going forward may ever again attain “the wonder of ” status? Indeed the whole notion of ‘the wonder of’ seems now purely attributable […]

In our humble…

A semi-regular vox-pop feature in which 26 members voice their opinions on the ‘hot’ topics of the day… This month: Which literary figure do you think would make a good writer for business? Tom Lynham I would hire Italo Calvino for his ability to transform transience into substance. Organisations are immensely abstract institutions and the […]

Voxpop: January 2011

Target audiences, guerilla marketing, brand territory… should marketers be worried about using so many military metaphors? It feels a bit like wearing combat trousers. Do you actually need these pockets on your thighs and Velcro tabs at the ankles? No. Definitely not. But it’s about feeling rugged and physical: you could be dodging incoming fire […]

Vox pop — December 2010

‘Do you have an adjective better than merry for Christmas?’ John Simmons ‘Uneventful’ would suit me fine. After my soap opera life of the last two months, I can wish myself and family nothing better than ‘Have an uneventful Christmas’. I look forward to it. Roger Horberry It’s tempting to write something misanthropic like ‘wretched’, […]