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Size (of ambition) matters


Swashbuckle and sally forth! For the latest in our series ‘The Story Works’ with the D&AD, Martin Lee writes that we should take to our briefs like Ahab in Moby Dick took to the seas. In an era of small tidiness, be bold and think big. We live, and write, in an era of small […]

Tessa Ross talks


At the beginning of the month, Tessa Ross spoke at a sold-out 26 event. Laura Hunter listened in to the controller of Film Four and said we could all learn from her. I’ve never considered writing for film or TV. But after just one hour of listening to Tessa Ross , I found myself musing […]

Books we love

26 members get through a lot of books. What have been our favourites this year? Whether you need a last-minute Christmas present idea, or you’re just looking for new books for next year, here are some of our writers with their best reads of 2012. You’ll find a couple of books are recommended by more […]

Modern British Childhood review by Philippa Cowley-Thwaites

Britain’s childhood across the decades Walking around the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, I feel as if I’m being watched. Did Muffin the Mule really have eyes in the back of his head? I’m sure I can hear his ghostly whinny as he stares at me, glassy-eyed from his glassy case, shrill amongst […]

One person’s trash

The ‘litterati’ were out in force at the launch of the Throwaway Lines exhibition at The Free Word Centre in October, proving that rubbish is not only good to write about, it’s also worth hanging on the wall. I’m no stranger to trash. I lived by the sea for a while and beach clean-ups were […]

More parsnip-buttering

Elise Valmorbida writes about forthcoming Russianness at the Oxfordshire haven of Stonehill House   Do you remember I wrote about my Pasternak weekend in June earlier this year? Er, well, I did. Have a look back at my review here. No. Have a look forward! You too can enjoy a weekend of inspiration, delicious food […]

Pasternak butters my parsnips

It’s a glorious spell of early summer. I’m in Oxfordshire, somewhere near the ancient holy place of Abingdon. A giant mirrored sculpture of Pegasus, “the poet’s wingèd steed”, guards the entrance of Stonehill House. Songbirds and crows provide the soundtrack. I disappear into a barn with Pasternak. Boris Pasternak, Russian-Jewish poet and author of Dr […]

Throwaway Wordstock

Throwaway Wordstock A word in your bin by 26 board member, author and crypto-gleaner, Elise Valmorbida Look down! That’s what you must do in London. Not just to avoid the unpleasant stuff. There be unburied treasure. Leavings, losings, fallings from pockets. A piece of plastic widgetry. A painted sign. A scrap of paper, scrawled on, rain-soaked, grimy […]